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About Tania

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After arriving in Germany 7 years ago, my passion for Africa really sank in. There were many moments that made me reflect on what was missing with the African narrative.

Now, I see at as my duty to open up doors for those curious about the African continent - from the flavourful food, colourful culture to the timeless yet unkown travel... to my favourite, impact. My goal is to connect you to Africa and foster a deeper understanding by showcasing it through my love of culture, travel and sustainability.

Where did all this passion come from? My mother is Malagasy while my father is English and I was born in Kenya and continued to live in Uganda, Botswana, South Africa, Tanzania, UK, Austria, Thailand and Germany. 5 African countries that I fell head over heals for. I grew, traveled and learned so much in that time, I would do myself a disservice by not sharing my knowledge and passion.

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